About us

JALLAH means Strength. The name was inspired by the last name of the company owner, Konyon Jallah. Jallah Apparel, was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia January 2016.

We sell our own brand “ JALLAH “ along with other brands and accessories  likes Sweaters, Hoodies , Shirts, Hats , Pants , Shoes, Glasses , Backpacks etc. Our clientele span a wide range of ages and we sell for men’s and women’s.

The three animal heads on the company logo, the lion, elephant, and giraffe, represent three of the most prominent animals in Africa. Konyon created the clothing brand with these Animals to represent his Continent ,for the Animal lovers and to inspire people in their life goals success. We hope that our logo will also inspire our clientele to achieve their life goals.

Our number one priority is our customers. We are truly grateful for your support and will strive to give you a Jallah customer experience.

Any questions or business inquires email- jallahapparel@gmail.com


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